5.0 Giah Mustang Page
my mustang
(feb 25 1999)My quest to build up my car has just started. Today is the day i purchaced registered and insured the car. It is a screaming yellow 1979 guia 5.0 mustang coupe(completely stock).I havent had the time to get it home yet because of the extremely strong down fall of 14 inches of snow(not the greatist start). With in 2 weeks from today i plan to put on ground effects and pony rims suplied by Kevin Harvey. I also plan to paint the car a dark blue.If all goes well this car will be a hot rod by the time summer hits.

(3-1-99) I finally got the Beater mustang back to my house and the thing wouldnt stop frekin stalling. i put high octaine gas in it and it still sucks. Im going to post a few pics of the car in a while (I took them today). It looks like im going to put the paint job off for a while and get the machinics done before the cosmetic shit. oh well for now its a beater.